The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

80m CW Contest - 24th April 2024

Thank you for taking part in our last contest of the 2023/2024 season. Conditions seemed quite good across Europe, the best DX being a QSO between VK3CWB and G4PIQ. The final results are now online, with a very close finish for the top spot. Congratulations to Janusz SN5J for achieving 1st place, just ahead of Sandi S57KM and Ted SN1T. The EI/UK pack further back was led by Chris GM2V, followed by Mark EI6JK and John GM3A In the QRP section, there was another mini-contest taking place, with Mike G3P coming out on top. Thanks to Megan EI5LA who activated the EI5G Bonus station and to Tim G4FJK who activated the G5GEI Bonus station. We introduced a League Table for this season, to encourage some more activity and competition. Congratulations to Sandi S57KM for taking First Place, ahead of Allan SM5CSS. Four of the Top-5 stations this season were also in the Top-5 of our "Test Table" of the 2022-2023 season, but all with much improved total scores. Well done to all of you. Across the UK and Ireland, Mark EI6JK took top spot. He was closely followed by Brian GM4JYB and M5G (the ROARS club station operated by Peter M0URL). Both Brian and Peter entered every one of the 14 SSB and CW contests of the 2023/24 season, and were the only stations to do so. In the QRP section of the League Table, Richard G4ZFE takes 1st place, ahead of Mike G3P and Zoki S51Z. We hope that you have enjoyed taking part in this season of 80m contests, and that you will join us later this year in September when the next season begins. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve these contests, please do contact us. Please remember that the UK/EI DX CW Contest takes place this coming weekend, 27th/28th April. We hope that you will be able to take part and send in a log for this very popular contest. Thank you and 73 The UKEICC Team

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Bonus Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Stns Pts Call Km
1SN5J *LKO02ML6600066G  EI391EI5G2079
2S57KM *LJN76HD7200171G  EI387EI5G1889
3SN1T *LJO84ML7600076G  EI382EI2KA1794
4SM5CSS LJO89LS6110060G  EI333F5OIH1858
5SF6W LJO68RP6600165G  EI319EI5G1618
6GM2V HIO77WS7200072G  EI318S51Z1858
7DL8TG *LJO52IJ7200072G  EI285EI5G1388
8DK2FG *LJO41OR7100071G  EI277AO75PA1603
9DL8QS *LJO43KH7400074G  EI275EI5G1256
10EI6JK *HIO53TS6100061G  EI273S5/M0MPM1897
11GM3A LIO87UD6100061G  EI272S51Z1728
12EI5DI HIO63VG7802076G  EI270SN5J1827
13DR2C *HJO43XP7501173G  EI268EI2KA1328
14G4PIQ HJO02OD8210081G  EI265VK3CWB16327
15OK2NAJ *LJN89PR5601154G   263EI6JK1818
16SD6F *LJO57XP6001059G  EI256EI5G1504
17F5OIH *LJN06CI5000050G  EI253SM5CSS1858
18M4N *LIO81XX7910078G  EI252OH2EA1900
19SC6O LJO68VI5601154    247F5OIH1619
20DF5EN *LJO31ML6801067G  EI240EI5G1155
21G3WW *LIO82WT7901078G  EI240SN5J1562
22G4PVM *LJO01FR7500075G  EI235SN5J1409
23G4ENZ *LIO81VV7701076G  EI232SN5J1585
24M4J *HJO02OD7310072G  EI232SN5J1349
25OK2NO LJN89PW5002048G  EI231EI5G1898
26M8M *LJO02ME7100071G  EI226SN5J1360
27GM4OSS LIO75RQ6000060G  EI226S51Z1753
28DL4ME *LJO50JR7403170    226EI2KA1411
29G3P *QIO91NL7602173G  EI225SM3EVR1628
30GI5I HIO74DP6500065    225SN5J1779
31GM4JYB LIO88JM5000149G  EI224S57KM1826
32DK5DQ LJO31QH6210061G  EI220EI5G1181
33PC4H *HJO22IH7712074G  EI217SM5CSS1125
34EI5KG *HIO62SH6202060G  EI214SN5J1862
35OZ3TQ LJO55HK5200052G  EI211EI5G1379
36G4BRK *LIO91HP6802066G  EI210SN5J1535
37GW8DX HIO72XA7102069    2079A1AA1786
38G4ZFE *QIO91PK6300063G  EI206SN5J1495
39S51Z QJN76PA3700037G  EI205EI5G1940
40DL2OM HJO30SN6301161G   204AO75PA1429
41G4ERW *LJO01GB6001059G  EI203YO2NAA1627
42SP3VT HJO82LC5303050    203EI2KA1808
43DR6T *LJN68IV3900138G  EI202EI5G1625
44G3SWC LIO91SC6501064G  EI200SN5J1486
45M5G LIO92JO6401063G  EI198SN5J1504
46MM2T *HIO85AS5901058    198S57KM1680
47G4BYE LIO91VW5800058G  EI191SN5J1449
48G4DBW LJO01NI6202060G  EI190YO2NAA1595
49G3RWF LJO01OG6302061G  EI189SM3EVR1566
50G3KNU LIO93QN6502063G  EI187SN5J1454
51EI7GY HIO63WG4700047G  EI186SN5J1821
52DL6KVA *HJO64BC5000050    185EI9KA1425
53G4EBK LIO93WN5900059G  EI182SN5J1421
54G5C LIO93NL5500055G  EI180SN5J1471
55G7D *LIO91SK5800058   EI175SN5J1478
56M3E LJO01BV6903066G   167SN5J1428
57M5D QJO01HT5101050G  EI167OH2EA1772
58G5UM LIO92HQ5400054    162SN5J1514
59PA3DBS LJO21DM5701056G   161SM5CSS1213
60S5/M0MPM LJN75PX3501034G   160EI6JK1897
61EI2KA LIO51HM3701036   EI152SN5J2077
62G4SND *LIO81RI6003057    149S5/M0MPM1439
63G0IBN LJO01KS5101149    142SN5J1379
64DO2XU *LJO43NL4502043    141EI9KA1233
65EI7CC LIO63WG4301141   EI131SN5J1821
66G3ZBU LIO91UB4913045G  EI126SN1T1227
67G0HGH *LIO92WS3500035G  EI122SN5J1429
68G4EUW *LJO01MT4202040   EI117SN5J1367
69G4DZL LIO92IS3400034G  EI116SN5J1507
70G4PDF *LIO93VH3300132G  EI113S57KM1330
71M0XAC *HIO81VU2900029G  EI102S57KM1382
72G3TJE LIO81MI4503042G   100S57KM1413
73M9M LIO83RQ3701036G  EI100SP3VT1320
74G4GVC *HIO92HN4104037G   91SN5J1516
75M7TSM *LIO81OJ3703034G  EI89OK2NO1425
76G4BVY *LIO82UD3001029G  EI86S57KM1399
77G0JOS LIO91UJ2802026G   58SP3VT1192
78DB100FK LJO61RG1900019    57GM2V1344
79M0TJU *LIO83WJ2200022    57SN5J1555
80M0VQP *LIO92NG2000020G   57SN1T1215
81PA3EWG LJO21RK2902126G   57S57KM893
82G4MEM *LIO94FA2301022G   55OK2NO1367
83EI9KA *LIO53HA1702015G  EI49S57KM1885
84G4ZZL *LJO01JT2603023    31GM2V735


A great contest night. Clean 80m band no QRN strong signals from everywhere. -- DF5EN Dog and wife kept me busy, so just a few QSOs but fun as always. -- DO2XU Antennas: Endfed 80/160 -- DR6T SD WinKey K3 -- EI5DI Had a great time operating the bonus station:) Thanks everyone for the calls, can't wait to see you next season! -- EI5G Good condition tonight, plenty of activity. Thanks to everybody in UKEICC for organising these contests, they really are fun and hone the skills. Looking forward to DX CW at the weekend. FTDX5000MP, 80m V Sloping Dipole, Microham Keyer, N1mm+ Log -- EI5KG Band in good shape, lots of stations , really enjoyed this season . The league table is brilliant idea .Great motivator. Well done to all the organisers .Thanks for all your hard work. See you in the autumn . Have a great summer de Mark -- EI6JK Great fun all the way thro the winter. Many thanks all. -- EI9KA SUN SDR PRO 2 Antenna : Dipole -- F5OIH Waisted time trying to work VK3CWB with my QRP 5W. -- G3P Bit short of stations to work! -- G3RWF 75 Watts & inv-L; ran out of new stations towards the end. Best QRB was 1557km from SN5J. -- G3WW SD + H/B keyer + H/B ATU. Great condx and plenty of action. -- G3ZBU Good fun as usual. New antenna, inv-V top at 12m. -- G4BRK not so busy tonight -- G4DBW Excellent contest very much enjoyed it. -- G4ENZ Best QRB is 1623km for YO2NAA at KN05NS -- G4ERW just dabbling -- G4MEM Nice to run across VK3CWB who was a huge signal. Tx Antenna caught up in trees so SO2R a bit noisier in usual with some micro-arcs -- G4PIQ Tks for copying my QRP sigs! Missed 3 stations as my sigs were too weak. -- G4ZFE Low band noise - low operator energy level :-) Tnx all QSOs - 73 Chris -- GM2V Good fun. Not so many Irish stations tonight. Thanks all. IC7300, 100w to dipole up 13m -- GM4JYB Noisy & qsb -- M0XAC FLEX6400 to Doublet -- M4N As always an enjoyable evening. Hard to believe the series is over but am looking forward to the next one. Thanks all for the QSOs 73 and all the best till th next time. Adam G0ORY for M5G I use EI5DI's SD for my contest logging -- M5G Pressed the wrong buttons logging a D prefix. Very sorry you weren't logged. -- M7TSM Tnx for a fun series! 73 de G0JJG. -- M8M Plagued wth local noise which suddenly disappeared just before the end (typical!). As usual an enjoyable 60 minutes. -- M9M Best QRB is 1676km for S57KM at JN76HD -- MM2T I ALWAYS USE SD LOG -- OZ3TQ Great conditions. Best 73s and see you all in fall! 73, Sandi -- S57KM Best QRB is 1788km for EI2KA at IO51HM -- SN1T TS-590S, Antenna sloper -- SN5J

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 2491 Cross Checked QSOs: 2147 Long distance QSOs (Over 2500 km) G4PIQ in JO02OD worked VK3CWB in QF15BQ at distance of 16327 km