The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

80m SSB Contest - 1st February 2023

Thanks for entering this evening's 80m SSB contest. Finalised Results are now online below - UBN files have been be emailed to Entrants. Congratulations to Sandi S57KM on winning overall and the Low power section, and to Declan EI9FVB in second place overall and winning the High Power section. Aidan EI8CE takes third place overall. The Leading UK entrant was Iain GM0V (GM0OQV) (Low power), just one point ahead of Brian GM4JYB (High power). Thanks to the two Bonus station operators - Paul EI3ENB activating Ei5G and Chris GM3WOJ activating GM5GEI. Remember to check your Teams Competition score! The next contest in this 2022/23 series is on Wednesday 22nd February at 2000z on CW. 73 from the Adjudicators - Chris GM3WOJ, Tim G4FJK, and Angel M0HDF

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Bonus Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Stns Pts Call Km
1S57KM *LJN76HD5520053G   264GM1X1958
2EI9FVB HIO51QV5900059G  EI207SM5CSS1812
3EI8CE HIO62HI6200062G  EI198S57KM1736
4GM0V HIO85AT7402072    195IK5EKL1710
5GM4JYB LIO88JM5211050G  EI194S57KM1826
6DL3RAR LJN68IV4000040G   184EI2KA1597
7G3Q *HIO84QD6600066G  EI182S57KM1514
8EI5KG *HIO62SH5500055G  EI172S57KM1674
9G4FJK LIO80EW5700057G  EI172SM5CSS1624
10G4FNL *LIO90WU6812065G  EI171SM5CSS1463
11PE4BAS LJO33JK4801047G  EI159EI2JHB1056
12EI2IAB LIO63NK5100051G  EI153S57KM1739
13M5G LIO92JO5600056G  EI152SM5CSS1375
14EI8KN HIO62IE4200042G  EI136S57KM1726
15OE5TXF *HJN78BD3001029G   136GM1X1771
16SM5CSS LJO89LS2100021G  EI136EI2KA1879
17GM0TKB LIO88IP3000030G  EI130S57KM1839
18G4DZL LIO92IS4100041G  EI124S57KM1365
19G3R LIO83SJ4100041G  EI124S57KM1466
20EI2KA LIO51HM4003037G  EI116SM5CSS1879
21GM1X LIO67IN2800028G  EI113S57KM1958
22G4BYE LIO91VW4102039G   99S57KM1258
23M0KYB LIO91BN3800038G   98S57KM1349
24G6UBM LJO01CE3902037G   95S57KM1198
25G4NBS LJO02AF3000030G  EI94S57KM1257
26GM4M LIO75XT3011028G  EI93DL3RAR1372
27EI7GY HIO63WG3000030G  EI92S57KM1685
28OZ4NA LJO46WR2201021G  EI89EI9FVB1314
29G4BRK *LIO91HP2600026G  EI86S57KM1319
30EI7CC LIO63WG2500025G  EI85S57KM1685
31DM6EE LJO52KJ1800018G  EI85EI9FVB1333
32PE1EWR *LJO11SL3303030G  EI83S57KM1006
33G3KNU LIO93QN2901127G  EI82S57KM1368
34G2AA LIO92KO3402032G   81SM5CSS1371
35MM0MUN LIO87WD2401023G  EI81DL3RAR1349
36G7NJX LIO81OH2200022G  EI80S57KM1400
37GU0UVH LIN89VR2501024G  EI76S57KM1316
38EI7INB LIO52MN1800018G  EI71DL3RAR1577
39M1CJE LIO91CJ2602024G  EI71DL3RAR1071
40G6C QIO70KI2000020G  EI64OE5TXF1419
41DL8TG LJO52IJ1200012G   59EI8CE1229
42GD4RFZ LIO74OB1610015G  EI54OE5TXF1474
43M0VQP *LIO92NG3303030G   52S57KM1315
44G3ZBU LIO91UB1500015G   47S57KM1226
45PA0AWH QJO21UT1711015G   47EI9FVB986
46EI5DI LIO63VG80008G  EI38GM5GEI518
47GW7BZR LIO73UF1602014G  EI36PE4BAS738
48DO6GT LJO40GF50005G   28GM5GEI1178


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 01/02/2023 Very difficult with low power. CW is more fun -- DM6EE GOOD CONDITIONS TONIGHT SD LOGGER THANK YOU -- EI2IAB Noisy band tonight and didn't hear many stations outside EI and UK. However I as delighted to work all my team members tonight for the first time in a long time, even S57KM in Slovenija. As usual Ei5DI's SD logger was a pleasure to use. -- EI2KA Slow start but conditions improved towards the end -- EI7GY Conditions good at start but changed after abt 20 mins Used SD fb -- EI8CE Didn't seem that busy. -- EI8KN Great contest lots of EU worked great condx -- EI9FVB Good conditions. Ran out of stations to work. -- G3Q Slow mostly longer skip for first half but changed as contest progressed. -- G3R Very high noise level on the band. Using SD. -- G3ZBU Bit of a disaster, V high noise and weak sigs at start, after 15mins found K3 needed a reboot. Not seen that before. Only 1 CQ reply, need a better antenna. 73 all. -- G4BRK 100w in the Low-Power section this time. Found a nice quiet spot and had a good run. Thanks for calling and working me. 73 de Tim -- G4FJK Not many people on this eve. I was using as practice for SO2R operating. I'm still not very good at it... -- G4FNL wish deadline was a little longer - had to close early as needed to be elsewhere at 2100 and would miss the deadline by the time I got back!! -- G4NBS fun contest as always. SD did it job -- G6UBM Best QRB is 1708km for IK5EKL at JN53LS -- GM0V IC-7300, bazooka dipole 13m at centre. Didn't blow down in wind! Thanks all. Good fun. -- GM4JYB My local noise was s8 tonight a real treat ! -- GM4M Good to work VY2NX and 19 EI stations. Tnx all QSOs - 73 Chris GM3WOJ -- GM5GEI NOISY BUT EVERYTHING WORKED!! -- GW7BZR First time in this contest, great fun! -- M0KYB Had local QRM but still made QSOs. Thanks all stations worked. Keep well stay safe and 73 till the next time de Adam G0ORY for M5G I use EI5DIs SD for my contest logging -- M5G QRV for the last half of the contest only. -- OE5TXF RIG: YAESU-FT817 5 WATT IN SSB ANTENNAS: WINDOM AS INV. VEE -- PA0AWH Nice propagations this evening. 73, Sandi -- S57KM 73 to all de Allan -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Statistics for UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 01/02/2023 Total QSOs: 1044 Cross Checked QSOs: 742 Long distance QSOs (Over 2000 km) GM5GEI in IO77WS worked VY2NX in FN76TQ at distance of 4146 km