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Results - 06 January 2021 - SSB

Thanks for taking part in the first 80m contest of 2021. Conditions were not great with no real dx but an excellent turn out from EI. Results are below. The overall (and unassisted) winner was Chris GM2V (GM3WOJ). In the Unassisted category Nigel OE5TXF was leading low power entrant with Les G6UBM heading a small QRP entry. Uwe DL8UD was the only Assisted High Power entry with Algis LY4ZZ leading the Low Power section. 73 UKEICC Adjudicators

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1GM2V HIO77WS7700077254IK4DCX1913
2DL8UD *HJO43QO6400064212EI2KA1289
3EI2II HIO53TC7501074212LY4ZZ2162
4G4PIQ HJO02OD9110090211LY4ZZ1595
5M6O HIO80EJ9631092211LY4ZZ1983
6OE5TXF LJN78BD4000040183EI9JA1763
7DL7AT HJO53CL6202159182EI9JA1298
8G3Q HIO84QD7820076173LY4ZZ1764
9LY4ZZ *LKO25KK3000129172EI9JA2204
10EI5KF HIO52UG6402161161LY4ZZ2190
11M0BEW HIO82RJ8513180158SE5W1489
12MM9I HIO75VS6221059148LY4ZZ1821
13G4RCG HIO93FQ7903076141SQ9PUW1498
14DL2JRM LJO60JX4200042138EI3ENB1388
15G4FZN HIO94EK6801364134LA9JV1521
16DL0AH HJO41LJ4902047132EI2KA1271
17EI2IAB LIO63NK6306057128UT8IIC2352
18MM1E HIO85AU5101149127OE5TXF1503
19GM4JYB LIO88JM3900039127LY4ZZ1730
20EI4KU LIO52OW5403051126SQ9PUW1976
21DK5KK HJO31LL4701046122EI2KA1132
22G4RCD LIO93GX5600056120LY4ZZ1696
23SM5CSS LJO89LS2600026118EI2KA1879
24G3XTT HIO81PE5200052116SM5CSS1559
25GW4J LIO73WF5100051115LY4ZZ1889
26G3MXH LJO02LF6704063114SM5CSS1299
27G0VDZ LIO91SJ5501054113LY4ZZ1734
28G3SWC LIO91SC4800048107SM5CSS1458
29G3LRS LIO92JO5901058104DL7AT771
30PG7V LJO22UI4100041101LY4ZZ1302
31OK1NYD LJN69KL350303294EI4KU1556
32G8FMC HIO91NW440004493SQ9PUW1438
33EI2KA LIO51HM320003291SM5CSS1879
34G5UM LIO92KR530305090LY4ZZ1718
35G3OGP LIO91SB430104289GM0TKB864
36M2D HIO95DH360003686LY4ZZ1676
37PA2PCH LJO33HB400203885EI4KU1034
38G4DZL LIO92IS390103878LY4ZZ1727
39G4BYE LIO91VW350003569SM5CSS1378
40EI7CC LIO63WG310003166OE5TXF1534
41G4SJX LIO92LP340103366LY4ZZ1716
42G6C LIO70KI340003465OE5TXF1419
43DG9BEO HJO43CE280202664EI4KU1138
44M1GWZ LIO91TJ300003063OE5TXF1103
45M1VPN LIO80JT280002862LY4ZZ1935
46G2BKZ LIO91VV310003162DL2JRM909
47M0DCG LIO83QJ340003459OK1NYD1160
48G3KNU LIO93QN310003155DL8UD662
49EI3ENB LIO62JH310103054DL2JRM1388
50G2AA LIO92KO411703354LY4ZZ1723
51G6UBM QJO01CE280102752OE5TXF1058
52GM0TKB LIO88IP200101952DL8UD965
53G0JOS LIO91UJ250002550OE5TXF1098
54GM9C LIO75TO240002445DL2JRM1251
55EI3ER *LIO53LH160001644OE5TXF1725
56G4IZZ LIO81XX270102644DL2JRM1035
57GW7BZR LIO73UH210002139OE5TXF1417
58SQ9PUW LJN99QV220401837EI4KU1976
59PE1EWR *LJO11SL210102035EI4KU858
60GU0UVH LIN89VR210012034GM2V904
61EI7GY HIO63WG200002032DL7AT1085
62PA3DBS LJO21DM190201730LY4ZZ1429
63IK4DCX LJN64GB9000928GM2V1913
64G0ATR LIO92KO200301728LY4ZZ1723
65G4PVM *LJO01FR100001023LY4ZZ1660
66G8FRS LIO92DE160001623DL8UD762
67DL8MF QJO62SK120101122EI2II1476
68G7HYS LIO81MI190111722GM2V719
69M3M LIO70JB120011121DL7AT1128
70EI0Z QIO63QN130001319G4PIQ551
71SE5W *LJP80NF8010717M0BEW1489


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 06/01/2021 Happy New Year & TNX for Contest! -- DG9BEO HNY TO ALL -- DL7AT tnx for nice contest - first one in SSB -- DL8MF Not the Best Condx very weak Sign from UK and SNOW and Rain Storm makers the Noise Level very High. See you all into CW -- DL8UD great contest for all in difficult times 73. -- EI0Z thanks to the organisers and happy new year to all. -- EI2IAB Atrocious conditions tonight--and I thought conditions were improving. For once I was happy for a UKEICC contest to finish. Happy new year to all. -- EI2KA Great contest certainly enjoyded it -- EI3ER troubles with a spanish station locator. correction allowed? -- EI4KU Noisy, much QRM, not so many people heard this time. Strong stations from Europe heard. -- G0ATR enjoyed using SD Log program -- G0JOS Very busy band -- G2BKZ Enjoyable event. Thanks all stations worked and hope I work the ones I missed next time along. 73 all the very best and stay safe. I use EI5DI SD for my contest logging -- G3LRS Getting busier these days. Used SD V21.40 -- G4BYE SSB SO2R functions in DXLog behave differently to Win-Test - took a little getting used to. Came to contest straight from CWT so didn't get a good frequency... Here endeth the excuses for not breaking 100... -- G4PIQ Happy New Contesting Year to all!. Vy 73, Mark, G4RCD -- G4RCD Very noisy session, not that many on -- G4RCG ALL CONTACTS BY S&P TNX TO THOSE WHO WORKED ME UNDER DIFFICULT CONDITIONS -- G6UBM Had problems at the start with variable SWR so restricted to about 250W. -- G8FMC Difficult propagation - many nets and lots of QRM. Happy New Year - 73 Chris -- GM2V Long skip tonight! Happy new year to all. FT1000MP to Inv-vee dipole, 45ft at centre and 20ft at ends. -- GM4JYB Ran out of stations. Good EI turn out.. -- GW4J LOOKS LIKE CABLE CHANGING DAY TOMORROW. RUST IN THE JOINTS!! -- GW7BZR Was verry noisy, too much spleters -- LY4ZZ Noisy but fun! -- M0DCG Another enjoyable short format contest, Noisy band but plenty of stations to work in the hour. -- M1VPN Happy New Year All - Thanks and 73 Phil -- M2D conditions lousy -- M3M Trying out new antenna - dipole at 65ft/20m Good fun! -- M6O Very noisy tonight - think the local festive lights are still on!! -- MM1E Good fun but not that busy. Lots of "NET" stations tuning up arghh -- MM9I Crowded band with a lot of QRM. Happy New Year to all, stay safe! -- PG7V It is sad to tell that we have lost our team member SM5ALJ/SE5L R.I.P. Ben. HNY to all UKEICC contesters de Allan! -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log PC2F has 23 QSO Records EI3GZ has 20 QSO Records EI9JA has 20 QSO Records M0ARC has 19 QSO Records G4OBB has 17 QSO Records DD8VX has 17 QSO Records EI2FN has 17 QSO Records OO4P has 16 QSO Records G8FRS has 16 QSO Records GM6LJE has 13 QSO Records DG2NJ has 12 QSO Records G0WWD has 11 QSO Records DL1NKS has 09 QSO Records SE5W has 09 QSO Records G2NV has 08 QSO Records DL0EM has 07 QSO Records M0LED has 07 QSO Records M6A has 06 QSO Records EI8CE has 06 QSO Records DO2QS has 06 QSO Records M7WOB has 05 QSO Records DG1SGW has 05 QSO Records G7WAY has 05 QSO Records Late Logs: PC2F EI9JA