The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club (UKEICC)


UK/EI DX CW Contest  -  23/24 March 2019   12:00-12:00z

Join us in this Premier HF CW contest, promoting contacts between
stations in the U.K. and Ireland (UK/EI) and stations in the rest of the world (DX).

All UK and EI contesters, including those with modest stations and antennas, will experience the fun of being a 'Multiplier' in a worldwide contest.

Adjudication is automated, with logfiles being submitted online within 24 hours of the end of the contest, and provisional results being published on this website shortly afterwards.

The Kenwood CW Cup will be awarded to
the UK/EI Unassisted Single-Op station with the highest score.


Kenwood CW Cup 250

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