Website links


There are a wealth of good websites for contesters. Everyone has their favourites and here are a few of ours:

Latest Solar Data

Solar Ham up to date solar conditions.

Real Time MUF Updates every five minutes.


Audio System Group

K9YC's page. Here you'll find audio resources on just about everything; antennas, RFI, links to other contesting/techincal websites


How does this station turn in consistently high scores in contests? Have a look at this. Useful information on station layout and switching.


The Multi-Multi station with superb station engineering information   

...and how about this aerial tour of the K3LR antenna field

Scores and Rates

How did you get on in the contest last weekend? Unofficial scores for the larger contests can be found in Valery's (R5GA) excellent website database. ...the rates database makes for interesting reading too.

3830 contest scores how did you get on in the contest ?

Live Online Contest Scores CQcontest real time contest scores, keep an eye on the competition


Online Toroid calculater need to calculate a torroid ?

VOACAP online propagation predictions 

Sleep strategy K5ZD on sleep strategy for DX Contests

WA7BNM Contest Calendar see what contest is coming up.

SM3CER Contest Calendar Contest calendar