The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

80m CW Contest - 27th October 2021

Thanks for entering the October CW contest. These are the final results and you should have received UBN reports explaining how logs were adjudicated. Congratulations to Tim M0BEW on winning overall - a good achievement from IO82 square. 73 Mark G4MEM - Adjudicator (Asterisk *=Assisted)

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1M0BEW *HIO82RJ9000090331E7/Z35M1814
2OE5TXF *HJN78BD6410063321GM4JYB1625
3DK2FG *LJO41OR7721074296CT7/G4BJM2151
4G4FJK *HIO80EW7700077281HA8RJ1748
5GM2V *HIO77WS5810057276CT7/G4BJM2323
6G3P *HIO91NL7500075274YL2TD1734
7SF6W LJO68RP5300152271CT7/G4BJM2884
8G4FNL *HIO90WU7703074252OH1SIC1727
9GW4J HIO73WF7100071249YL2TD1843
10SM5CSS LJO89LS4710046243CT7/G4BJM3115
11PG7V *LJO22UI6810067228OH1SIC1327
12YL2TD *LKO26CV4602143224EI5KG2029
13GM4JYB LIO88JM5400054222I2IFT1674
14GI5I HIO74DP5700057218CT7/G4BJM1963
15GM3ZRT *LIO76KQ5401053218YL2TD1780
16EI5KG HIO62SH6904065215YL2TD2029
17PA5WT *LJO22HG6601065213CT7/G4BJM1982
18G4RCG HIO93FQ6902067213CT7/G4BJM1924
19G3LRS LIO92JO6200062213CT7/G4BJM1819
20GM3YEH LIO75TO5500055207E77EA1937
21G6C LIO70KI5302051204SP8HWM1941
22MW2I LIO81KQ6111059201OH1SIC1816
23G3SWC LIO91SC5900059200YL2TD1730
24S57KM *LJN76HD4101040198GM2V1815
25SD1A HJO97DP4602044195MW2I1525
26EI8CE LIO62HI5303050189E77EA1983
27SO3O LJO92FF5806052186EI8CE1754
28G3MXH *LJO02LF6315057185CT7/G4BJM1843
29MM1E HIO85AU5311051183CT7/G4BJM2115
30G5UM LIO92KR6804064179CT7/G4BJM1834
31M5D LJO01HT6102059178CT7/G4BJM1792
32GM4OSS LIO75RQ5300053177YL2TD1773
33PA2PCH LJO33HB5100051167OH1SIC1227
34G5C LIO93NL6011058167HA8RJ1630
35SP8HWM LKO11HS3600036166EI3ER2139
36G3G *QJO02ME4802145165CT7/G4BJM1842
37CT7/G4BJM LIM57PC2701125162SM5CSS3115
38OH1SIC LKP00XE3201031161EI5DI1871
39DL6KVA *HJO64BC4912046160EI8CE1313
40E77EA *LJN84OU3220030153EI8CE1983
41EI5DI LIO63VG5201051153OH1SIC1871
42G4BYE LIO91VW5302051152OH1SIC1647
43DL4MFM *LJO42AI5103048151E77EA1072
44G0MDR LIO91VR5403051149CT7/G4N1758
45DL8DWW *QJO70IX3300132149EI8CE1530
46M4N *LIO81XX4700047148YL2TD1777
47OK2NO LJN89PW3902037146GM2V1647
48G0IBN *LJO01KS4301042143OH1SIC1605
49SM6OEF LJO68VI3502033141G6C1511
50PA2TA *LJO21IU5201051140HA8RJ1212
51MM2T *LIO85AS5415048140CT7/G4BJM2106
52G3KNU LIO93QN5000050138YL2TD1614
532E0OBO LJO02RU4922045131YL2TD1521
54G4ICP/P QJO01KU4201140130YL2TD1608
55M7R *QIO92IP4400044128S57KM1359
56SE6K LJO66HT3001029125IK4DCX/LP1419
57SM6TOL LJO78BL3302031122EI3ER1551
58IN3FHE *LJN56NP2800028119OH1SIC1666
59G4BEE LIO83RQ3500035108I2IFT1251
60PA3DBS LJO21DM440413999YL2TD1425
61SP7OGP LKO01AM300102999GI5I1751
62G4EBK LIO93WN420104195SP8HWM1546
63EI2KA LIO51HM251012394PG7V1040
64PA3AAV *HJO22LM260002689GM4JYB843
65G3TJE LIO81MI311012987SE0B1341
66PA0HPG LJO33IC311202880E77EA1195
67DL0GRH LJO61RG210002176EI5KG1375
68G3RIR QIO92JL361213275S57KM1346
69DO6AN LJO53BP220002266E77EA1104
70G0JJG QJO02ME240102363SO3O1188
71GM4M QIO75XT260302363SO3O1521
72IK4DCX/LP LJN64GB150101455YL2TD1646
73G2AA LIO92KO230012252IK4DCX/LP1385
74EI3ER LIO53LH190201749SP8HWM2139
75M3M LIO70JB230012249I2IFT1215
76M0MPM LIO91LJ220002247SE0B1231
77G0AAA HIO91RH130001346CT7/G4BJM1706
78DF4WX LJN39XV120001243GI5I1070
79PC2F QJO22QE250421942GM4JYB890
80DL3RAR *LJN68IV150101440GM4JYB1494
81G4DZL *LIO92IS170011638DK2FG726
82M0KNG LJO01EO200002038I2IFT951
83IW3ILM QJN55LK100001036MM1E1561
84G4FTP *LJO01LU200301732GM4JYB788
85LB2WG LJO59JT140311014OE5TXF1317
86EI5LA LIO52DG3000312DK2FG1297
87EI8KN LIO62IE902079GM2V654
88EI9KY QIO62LF300125PA5WT796


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on QTH Luz -- CT7/G4BJM Excellent Contest -- EI3ER SD WinKey K3 -- EI5DI Not much EI activity good fun all the same SD worked as always -- EI5KG Good condx with plenty of activity. -- EI8CE Busy evening always good to work regular calls and new alike. Thanks for all the QSOs and see you next time. 73 and please stay very safe Adam G0ORY for G3LRS I use EI5DI SD for my contest logging -- G3LRS High local noise throughout.. -- G3MXH NOISY BAND WITHIN UK -- G3TJE Great to work all my team members! Worked EI5G Skip was unfavourable -- G4BYE N1MM Logger+ in use here. Why use anything else ? -- G4FJK Thanks for the QSOs SD worked well -- G4ICP/P I had a problem with N1MM somehow I had the wrong locator in for the first 5 QSO so apologies to you if you were one of those 5 It really messed me up for the rest of the test -- G4RCG checklog -- G5GEI Low band noise here. Tnx QSOs 73 Chris -- GM2V Couldn't find the special calls tonight. Plenty of stations on. Fine contest again. Thanks to all. IC-7300 to inv-vee bazooka dipole. -- GM4JYB band a bit noisy so some stations could not hear me -- GM4M Bad band conditions, very high noise and qrm level. Really unpleasant to work like this. -- IN3FHE Decisamente una pessima serata per la propagazione. Sara' per la prossima volta. Grazie a tutti. Max IW3ILM -- IW3ILM Horrific QRN -- M3M Good test for my cw again tonight -- MM1E slow going, had to resort to S&P! -- MW2I 73 de OH1SIC/SM5SIC Göran -- OH1SIC Bad propagation tonight? -- PG7V First time working from abroad with remote setup. Due to bad internet connection only able to S&P. Sorry for unresponsivnes at times. 73, Sandi S57KM -- S57KM Bad conditions QSB and terrible local QRM/QRN this evening! 73 to all de Alllan -- SM5CSS

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