Random numbers contests




UKEICC Random numbers contests - Information

These two 80m contests (one hour on SSB and one hour on CW) are 'trial runs' - the UKEICC team want to find out if this format is likely to be popular with contesters before proceeding further. *Your* support is needed if they are to become a longer-running series of contests.

SSB - Monday 25th September 2017 - 1900-2000z       3600-3650kHz

CW - Monday 2nd October 2017 - 1900-2000z            3520-3550kHz

The concept is one that has been around for years, but not fully developed by any of the contest sponsors (as far as we know). Instead of a sequential serial number, your contest logging software generates a 4-digit pseudo-random number, in the range 1000 to 9999, which you send to anyone calling you when you are running, or to any station that you are calling when S&P. In turn, they send you a pseudo-random number which you log as the received exchange. Sending of RS(T) is optional.

Paul EI5DI has already added these contests to his SD software - see the information below. If you want to participate fully in these trial runs, we suggest that you install SD, V19.15 or later. (Note - for the CW event, use of a WinKey with SD is recommended, as smooth CW cannot otherwise be guaranteed) Other contest logging software writers have been contacted, but will take longer to implement a suitable template. SkookumLogger by K1GQ (for Mac OS) now also supports these events - see below.

You can also participate by using your usual contest logging software, sending sequential serial numbers, but logging sequential or random numbers from other stations. One suitable template would be CQ WPX (SSB / CW) with serial numbers starting at 001. These 'non-random' entries will be treated as Checklogs, but will be very useful to judge support for this format and will be listed in a separate table in the Results. Note - the adjudication software will deal with any logged number i.e. 1,2,3 or 4 digits that you log.

These contests will be an interesting and challenging test of operating skill and logging accuracy.

One unavoidable 'down side' of this contest format is that someone listening to the event without having any prior knowledge will not be able to participate. (This is not the case with our UKEICC 80m contests which have the instantly recognisable 4-character QTH locator exchange)

For these trial run events, there are no sections/categories (QRP/LP/HP, Assisted/Unassisted etc) and no penalties for logging errors (other than the loss of that QSO point). In future events there would be categories and penalties for inaccurate logging. Scoring will be 1pt/QSO.  Note : SO2V, SO2R and networked PCs cannot be used for these trial runs, but are definitely included in future plans.

Cabrillo logfiles should be uploaded before 2100z on the day of the contest via the UKEICC log submission robot. (Select 'Random Numbers SSB Contest' from the pull-down menu) Adjudication is then done automatically (using a new specially-written software module) and the Results will be posted on this website as soon as possible after 2100z.

The UKEICC team hope to expand the random numbers concept in future events - there will be two more 'trial run' events in early 2018.

Approved loggers :-
1.    SD by EI5DI - from www.ei5di.com - V19.15 or later. The relevant options are "UKEI Random, CW" and "UKEI Random, SSB". These are free and unrestricted options for these two trial run UKEICC Random Number contests - there is no need to register and no key file is required. The manual is SD.PDF (17 pages), included with the installation files.

2.   SkookumLogger by K1GQ - version v.2.1.12  (Mac users Download from here.  Users should create their log using UKEICC Random from the Regional section and, in addition with this version of the program, perform a Reset Log command from the Log menu before logging their first contact - this will ensure the random number to be sent for the first QSO is correct.  (This initial reset won’t be necessary in v2.1.13 which won’t be released until after the first trial events).  

If you have any questions, please e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.