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                             Update - 7th March 2018 - our Membership sign-up system is still offline due to hacking - sorry

    Next UKEICC 80m contest - 28th March 2018 - CW - 2000-2100z  - Rules

       UKEICC 80m SSB contest - 7th March 2018 - Results

Note - the 28th March, 4th April and 25th April 2018  80m contests are now at the same times as the others i.e. 2000-2100z  (not 1900-2000z)  - due to a potential clash with the CWops events.

       Upload your 80m Cabrillo logfile here       

   Coming soon!   UK/EI DX CW Contest - 31st March/1st April 2018 - Rules

   Online tutorials for new contesters hosted by Roger G3LDI and others during 2018 - please e-mail Roger for info.

            Online UKEICC Contest calendar - Downloadable ICS File

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